Why is it that every time I wear silk I spill food on it.

PamThis is a very good question.

A question that ranks along with questions such as:

  • Why can I never find a skewer when I want to test a cake but I often can find a safety pin (on the collars of dry cleaning if you’re looking)?
  • If a watched pot never boils, what happens if the watcher is blind?
  • Is my tram running late, giving me just enough time to get a coffee?
  • Does vegemite keep indefinitely?
  • Does my ass look big in this?

These are not questions that can be answered (except the last one). They are questions to ponder over a gin and tonic, a really soft cheese and an appropriate plate-to-mouth method for the cheese (say, a really good cracker, or a spoon).

If it’s any help, above is a picture of Pamela Anderson with a stain on her dress. Not that much help, sure.

And I notice that there are several stained dresses for sale on etsy so there is a solution for disposal if expensive drycleaning or terrifying handwashing does not help.

ressigma15631com6069Why is it that every time I wear silk I spill food on it.