Travels through the interwebs: Billie Holiday did not sing about S&M

I just made a very odd discovery while researching Billie Holiday for an article I’m writing. I was trying to find out whether she has said anything about women’s issues and typed in ‘menstruation’ (don’t ask). What came up was the lyrics to the song, Crazy He Calls Me, attributed to her but completely not her song. Click here to see what I mean. The same lyrics are on a bunch of lyrics sites – see here and here, which all say that Billie Holiday’s lyrics to this song are apparently:

We got gushin’ gonads, tinglin’ tushes
Hairy balls and hairy bushes
S&M, whips and chains
Pregnant ladies with menstrual pains

Now Billie Holiday was pretty radical but I’m thinking in the 1930s, that sort of stuff probably landed you in gaol.

The real lyrics to Billie Holiday’s song are here and are much more tame.

The S&M lyrics actually come from Mr Bungle’s song, Girls of Porn. Mr Bungle was the band which shared some members with Faith No More.

Anyway, at some stage, someone has uploaded the wrong lyrics onto the Billie Holiday song and they’ve obviously been copied across multiple times. Bizarro.

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